A challenge to TenthOfMarch

Frankly I am really pissed that some ignorant commenters (especially one particular idiot who have been blogging for only less than a month, and only gained his recent fame due to reviews of Nuffnang and Advertlets) are calling for censorship, particularly against yours truly. You can read that comment in that spinster’s blog:

Surely the Minister was talking about people like him, no? His posts does disrupt peace and harmony. I wonder if actions can be taken against him. However, even if it is possible, doesn’t mean that they will.

Now here is my challenge: go ahead and take action if you have balls. I think many people (no thanks to incitement from that spinster, by the way) are unclear about what is exactly “comparative religion” and “valid criticism”, as opposed to “disruption of peace and harmony”. The only reason I am mentioning this is because I want the opportunity to defend myself from this unwarranted attention and onslaught.

Its no secret that I critically analyse religions, with special emphasis on Christianity. That is because unlike other religions, Christianity is a missionary religion and their purpose in this world is to gather as many converts as possible before the Rapture. Plus, there is of course the history between Christianity and Islam which I would not get into at the moment, since Ittaqullah! is not a comparative religions website (and I don’t intend to make it one).

So really, stop making comments like this as it will only make you look silly in the end. Either make a case or just shut up. And to further support your case, go ahead and report this blog, this site, this blog and of course, this blog. I own all of them. I would be very interested to see if PDRM are actually going to take your report seriously.

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  1. Menj,

    If Christianity is a missionary religion as you claim, what does that make Islam then? A forced religion. It's an open secret that Islam here is compulsory for Malays. There's a saying that "patriotism is the belief that your country is superior, simply because you happened to be born there." What do you have to say to that?

    [MENJ: I do not think it is any of your business to comment on what Islam is or for that matter, what Islam teaches or does not teach. It should be pointed out that you are not even a religio-socio-political blogger. If you have something to say about that, then go ahead and open a blog in the niche. Otherwise just stick to your posts on Nuffnang and Advertlets (and we know where your biases lie).]

    Honestly, I may be a new blogger but I'm fully aware that I am responsible for what I write. Which is more than I can say for you, given that you are an established blogger who could say that a sacred Christian religion is one of "the celebration of a half-naked man swinging from a cross". Surely, I think an initiative or petition to censor you is reasonable and is much better than say, burning embassies.

    [MENJ: Then you certainly have not been around for long, kid. I think a budak berhingus like you should not be teaching a seasoned blogger who have been writing since 2003 on what he could write and what he could not write. Your disrespect of bloggers who have been blogging longer than you are is distasteful. Not that I am claiming any sort of supremacy or anything over newbies, but really, don't stick your shoe into your own mouth. I stand by what I write and I don't keep myself anonymous. Unlike you.]

    Can you really claim that your postings do not disrupt peace and harmony? You'll see what actions can be taken against you, and my balls are fine, thanks.

    [MENJ: I can safely claim that to this date, I have yet to see my readers burning down embassies, defacing churches or temples, or going on a killing rampage against non-Muslims. Hence your claims are laughably baseless. Period. As for what "action" can be taken against me, you don't scare me at all, budak berhingus.]

    You're not the first "nutcase" who got in my way before, and you won't be the last.

    [MENJ: Duh, I was about to say the same thing.]

  2. Man, the 2 second last paragraph is hilarious.

    Due to the differences of religion, you two can argue until the cows come home but fundamentally everyone should at least each other's religion because no ones' religion would agree that criticizing other religion is of any virtue.

    [MENJ: That is not the issue insomuch as this pagan cross-worshipper is trying to tell me to shut up while he goes around saying whatever he pleases.]

  3. Boss Lepton, got your popcorn and coke yet? LOL

    (btw, tks for the mention of my Christian-Journey.com blog, Menj. I am so used to you, nothing can raise an eyebrow anymore. Peace on earth.)

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