A day with PAS Kawasan Bandar Tun Razak


So here I was last Sunday, attending the party general assembly at Surau Mustaqimah, Bandar Tun Razak. I was a branch delegate representing my party branch (Delima) to this general assembly at the kawasan (division) level.

A day with PAS Kawasan Bandar Tun Razak 1

I should have wrote about this last week, but I got caught up in…other things. It was election year as well, so I ended up having to vote candidates for several party positions at division level.

Yeah, my first brush with the political process.


Dato’ Husam Musa, the Vice-President of the party, was there to officiate the event. In his “short” opening speech (which took up more than one hour!) he spoke about the Lojing issue (I admit that I haven’t been following that one closely) and the Battle of Uhud to enlighten party members who are the real enemies to the Islamic movement. Interestingly enough too, he quoted passages from Surah Maryam regarding the story of Mary (peace be upon her) and the birth of ‘Eesa al-Maseeh (Jesus, alaihissalaam). I remember this particularly because that particular Sunday was supposed to be the Easter of the Christians.

So to actually hear a Muslim leader using the example of Mary, peace be upon her (obviously, they are passages from the Qur’an) to motivate party members to struggle for Islam and work within the Islamic movement — which all too conveniently, happened on an Easter Sunday of the Christians — struck me as a somewhat ironic coincidence.

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