Ali Sina and his genocidal tendencies

What do you call a person who on one hand claims to follow the “Golden Rule” (i.e., do unto others as others would do unto you) and yet at the same time calls for a nuclear strike (read: mass genocide) upon billions of human lives (which includes women and children) in countries that have no connection to him whatsoever, except for the fact that they are Muslims and he wants nothing more than to see them being wiped off the planet?

Ali Sina and his genocidal tendencies 1

Does the “Golden Rule” really apply here? Why would “Ali Sina” wish for a nuclear strike to be launched against the Muslim world, when never in the history of the world has any Muslim nation nuked another country in the first place? There is a word for such a characteristic, and its called hypocrisy.

Update: Please see the following documentary video from YouTube, where readers will get the idea of what “Ali Sina’s” future vision will be for people living in the Muslim world.

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