DAP and PKR are protectors of swine?

Quite literally so, it seems. Interesting news from TV3 regarding the recent operation in Melaka to remove illegal pig farms but was stalled by hundreds of protesters, mostly the pig farmers themselves.

The motives of that Chinese chauvinist party (ever heard of the adage, “pigs of a feather flock together”?), I can understand very well, but PKR??

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  1. your eyes or your ears got problems?

    they protect the farmer's rights…

    what's wrong?

    swine is dirty then they are evil?

    then you shouldnt buy any made in china products…

    most chinese eat swine…

    be a tolerant Muslim… 🙂

    be a good Malaysian…

    [MENJ: You missed the part about ILLEGAL PIG FARMS? Where have I said that the pig farms cannot continue in toto? Next time, read before you write!]

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