Disgusting discrimination

I wonder why an Accounts Executive job position is openly denied to Muslim candidates.


Click here for a larger image. Religious discrimination? Racial discrimination? You tell me.

It is pretty much well-known that there is only one ethnic group in this country which is associated with Islam (that being said, that does not mean that there are no Muslims from other ethnic groups). It is also well-known that the particular ethnic group in question dominates the political scene of this country and do not habitually speak Mandarin either. I have shunned race-based politics a long time ago but I cannot help but feel that there is not only religious discrimination, but also a racist agenda behind this “requirement” that “those of the Muslim faith need not apply”.

That, plus the requirement for “the ability to read and speak Mandarin” tells me that yet again, the race card is being played. What, you are afraid of a little competition from Muslim candidates who are qualified for the job?

Insecurity, perhaps?

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  1. it is indeed make me sad and angry at the same time..they keep shouting and yelling like a dog when the government helps the bumiputras (which includes several races and ethnics including the CHINESE) and at the same time plays their role, a role of total ignorant and discrimination…

  2. wtf la…u got the number there, why not u call and ask them why? some ppl did just that and it's bcoz of the BABI, u wanna work near BABI and deal with BABI farms then go apply la

  3. Tuan,

    Rasanya mereka cuba offer the vacancy ad as professional as possible. I think they try to be fair to muslim as their workplace might not be suitable to them.

    Its not of being discriminate, but to avoid any difficulties to Muslim. If that the case I agree la.

    But, then, the question is why is it so that a muslim is not suitable for the post in Metro Kajang? is the job requires a person to do some sinful act? is other religion permits their followers to do sin? and easily can ask forgiveness?

    day by day, they have become more braver than before… is that a good sign?

    its just me

  4. ooh, just read Lulu's entry… patut la, kena handle "kaki pendek" rupanya..

    that's why I guess earlier it must have something to do with muslim faith but they don't know how to describe it..

    good, now they getting more professional in dealing with Muslim… should kudos to that…

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