Donate your boat for charity

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Do you have an old boat which you no longer use and keep it away in storage under a tarpaulin? Some people will simply throw away the boat or send it to a junkyard as not many people can afford to pay for the upkeep cost and maintain a boat in prime condition. Well, if I have a boat that I no longer require I would certainly donate my boat for a good cause to other people. It would be great if someone were to put the boat to better use for charity work or for helping others and make the world a better place.

Now here is your chance to do some good with that old wreck by giving it away to the Boat Angel. They specialise in getting Boat donations for their cause and fund the proceeds from the boat sales to charity. Just give them a call and they will come over and pick up your boat for free, after which they will repair and auction it off for sale. The money from these boat sales will then be channelled to help the less fortunate such as orphans, homeless children and even troubled teenagers. It is certainly a novel idea which many charity organisations can emulate and certainly everyone can do their part to make the world peaceful and a better living place for all of us, including those in need.

So have you donated your boat to the Boat Angel crew yet?

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