Extremist liberals (libertarians)

An interesting comment by Nota Kaki which he puts it as follows:

…it could equally be said that libertarians are neo-Kharijites due to their radical egalitarianism.

He is correct in this observation, although I would disagree that the term “neo-Kharijites” (Ar., Khawarij) be applied to them since they are on the other side of the political spectrum.

It is rather ironic, I feel, that while the Islam liberals (or self-confessed “deists” who are actually agnostics in disguise) will rant and bitch about the neo-Khawarij (or what they refer to as “terrorists in Islam) when they themselves are on the other extreme end of the spectrum. The suitable label for them would be neo-Mu’tazilites (Ar., Mu’tazillah) or “extremist liberals”, those who add into the religion innovation and rationalism (such as the perverted concept of human rights and agnosticism, for example) which are not based on the two main foundations of Islam; the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, salla allahu alayhi wassallam. The Mu’tazillah are, as the late scholar Muhammad Mohar Ali would put it, “an ancient heretical sect whose views had already been repudiated by Muslim scholars some 400 years ago”. Its revival in its current form today, i.e. Liberal Islam and extremist liberalism (libertarians), is something which is not to be unexpected.

Khawarij and Muta’zillah are not synonymous labels, after all.

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