Hang yourself at the noose, sooner rather than later

As much as I detest dealing with these type of so-called “Muslims” (to me, they are as good as being apostates even though they do give some sort of lip-service to Islam and perform Islamic rituals to a certain degree) which the Qur’an refers to as the munaafiqun, I have a feeling that I am heading towards a showdown against them, sooner rather than later. While I am not interested in turning this blog into a confrontational weapon against their misguided ideology of human rights (so what happened to Allah’s rights?), I see that someone else has taken up the burden. Whoever he/she is, I admire their courage. It is going to take a lot of guts going against these people. Really.

How do you argue with a group of Muslims who reject the hadith, reject the sunnah and pay lip-service to the Qur’an and only quote it when it suits them, I wonder? I wish I had the time to write refutations to some of their really warped interpretations (I’ve seen them all…ranging from the word daraba in the Qur’an 4:34 does not mean “beating” to their questioning why Arabic is used for the every-day salaat) but I have better things to do, of course.

They are, of course, constantly being monitored by yours truly, of course. They are vocal, yes, but they remain a minority in the sea of the majority. When the right time arrives, they are certainly going to have to deal with me if they want to spread their misguidance. Insha’allah, may Allah give me the strength to deal with this thorn in our midst.

The ummah certainly does not need this now, not with its current state of weakness.

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