HINDRAF: ABIM urges Malaysians to remain calm

The Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) urges Malaysians of all races and religions to remain calm following street protests by a group Indian Malaysians led by Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) on Sunday.

ABIM notes with deep concern that some of the actions and contents of various documents issued by HINDRAF, in substance and wordings constitute extreme, exagerated and sensationalised allegations implicating the Muslim community in one way or another. The use of terms and expressions such as “ethnic cleansing”, “permanent colonization” of Indian Malaysians by ” Islamic extremists” “Malay gangs” and the like is clearly racially and religiously unjustified, seditious and borders on the subversive.

However, we believe that this should not be the basis for any unwarranted reactions from the Muslim community. We believe that although there may be grievances amongst the Indian community, the majority of our peace-loving Indian friends and mainstream Hindu organizations do not harbor ill will or undue enmity against the Muslims and are also not agreeable to the manner, style and approach erstwhile adopted by HINDRAF. We would also like to reaffirm our solidarity with the poor and marginalized amongst the Indian community and other races in this country and urge the government and all parties to undertake continuous effort to improve their livelihood.

Let us all be reminded that issues involving racial and religious interests in our multi-communal society are very delicate, sensitive and potentially explosive. Those who are fighting for racial and religious interests should learn from our past history that such issues, if not carefully handled, may cause tensions to flare up. When emotions are left unchecked and the communal temperature is too high, there’s no guarantee that public order and safety can be maintained.

ABIM condemns all forms of racial and and religious extremism and urges peace-loving Malaysians not to take actions that may jeopardize peace, harmony, public order and safety in the country. Although the freedom of assembly and expression are recognised fundamental rights under our Constitution and should generally be exercisable by all citizens, the relevant authorities should be allowed to regulate the exercise of such rights taking into account the circumstances of each case. At the same time we urge the police to observe due restraint and be reasonable in exercising their discretion in handling the situation. We also believe that the current situation is such that it is very irresponsible and dangerous for anyone to manipulate this issue to fan racial sentiments for any political or ulterior agendas.


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  1. Congrats on your call to show solidarity for the poor and marginalised in the Indian community. Also, my appreciation to you for calling on the police to show retraint. Truly, this call can only come from someone who is tune with the All Merciful and Compassionate God!

    suresh G.

  2. I believe Islam is a peace loving religion by action above preaching.

    I believe Islam promotes inter-religious and inter-cultural understanding ,especially in a multi-religion and cultural diversified country like Malaysia.

    I believe Islam promotes tolerance ,by encouraging Muslim to integrates with followers of other religions.

    I believe Islam values equality,fair play and justice to all irrespective of their religious and cultural backgrounds.

    I believe Islam disallow use of violence as a mean to resolve conflicts or go to war

    for peace ….

    That;s why I insisted of stay -by in tanah air ku irrespective of many of my fellow

    country men leaving the country for what ever reason .I even ask one my colleugues who had three grown up children leaving the country for what ever reason they gave , to at least consider leaving one of them like me to stay -by and stay-put.Because I told my colleuque that we must preserve our root here, simply because sini adalah tanah air ku .Our perjuangan(struggle ) shall not ends with migration.

    I told her that we cannot continue to migrate from one country to another simply we feel that we are not equally treated ,or simply like my case when my youngest child

    scored 5 As and 1 B several years ago and could not go be offered boarding school ,but a neighbour's son who scored only 1 A were immediately offered full subsidized boarding school with out even asking for it.

    I think these were history as far as we ,so called minority ,and branded non this ,and non that are concerned, as we are fed up ,tired and disillusioned about the meaning and slogan of equality , meritocracy ,and fairplay or their selective meaning ,and decided to walk the hard way and be berdikari…

    So you can see this few years, the number of complaints against inequality of entrance into local govt universities has decreased , though undeniably ,many top of the cream still managed to squeeze into the gate of local universities with the help and pleading for tolong or kow tow from some component member parties of BN.

    But enough is enough.Men have self -esteem .

    Already I find it difficult to explain to my children during their schooling age and now they go to private colleges ,probably the only consolation were they received interest free study loan ;but other than that the I cannot account for why we were treated so differently in our own country ,and oneday when they get married and have children ,would the explanation and justification continue to my grandchildren .

    Even in business we were treated differently when dealing directly with GLCs.

    Sorry for bothering you with the same old stories retold by many , or you don't hear them nowsaday , as it is no more newsworthy …

  3. Isnt demolishment of place of worships shows extreme insensitity ? Is that a responsible act by the government ? And why didnt your organization didnt conemn that ?

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