I am a Muslim first

Some of these so-called “modern Malays” types really pisses me off sometimes.

Clerics have been telling Muslims not to attend Christian or Hindu festivals, and some condemn Christians and Jews at Friday prayers. Most Malay women now wear head scarves, not part of their traditional attire. Some schools have started reciting Muslim prayers.

The trend worries many modern Malays.

“The question we are facing is, are we Malay first or Muslim first? Right now most people have become Muslim first,” said Tengku Zafrul Aziz, the chief executive of Tune Money, an investment and insurance company.


The first statement about “clerics telling Muslims not to attend festivals” by non-Muslims is so insipid, it does not even warrant a comment.

But the comment by this “Tengku Zafrul Aziz” fella truly takes the cake. He is a person whom I would say “teramatlah bodoh dan teramatlah sesat”. “Modern” or no, this person is a retard who should be sent off to the moon on the next NASA space shuttle with a bunch of monkeys to accompany him. Because I am proud to call myself a Muslim first, above any skin colour or nationality.

Every Muslim are brothers, regardless of race, skin colour or nationality.

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