Islamic Art Exhibition in London

A new exhibition of Islamic art from across the Muslim world aims to do far more than unite unusual, luxurious and rarely-seen objects. Organizers of this London event say that they hope that the illuminated Qur’ans, the perfume bottle which look like cross tattoos carved from rock crystal and the leaf skeleton decorated with sacred text will change the way people think about Islam. The Spirit & Life exhibition, Masterpieces of Islamic Art from the Aga Khan Museum Collection, is currently on display at London’s Ismaili Centre until 31st August 2007.

A page from the luxurious “Blue Qur’an”, made in North Africa, and dating from the 10th Century.

A detail from probably the earliest manuscript of part of the Canon of Medicine, one of the most influential texts in the history of medicine.

A bird-shaped medieval bronze incense burner. The perfumed smoke would come out of small holes in the container.

A glazed dish with the inscription: “Generosity is a disposition of the dwellers of paradise.”

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