Ittaqullah! Foundation

Ittaqullah! Foundation 1

This is an unofficial announcement of a new research and think-tank organisation I am setting up called Ittaqullah! Foundation. Apart from consolidating and manage all existing Islamic sites under one brand, the purpose of this organisation is to continue the mission of da’wah (Islamic propagation) online and offline with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. We have set up our Projects page where one would be able to see current and ongoing online sites maintained or developed.

The previous content of the Ittaqullah! blog will remain, however since the domain is now the official site for the think-tank, it will now be rededicated for the explicit purpose of the organisation.

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  1. I want to help islam. islam is being mocked by entire world. please help.
    i want tp give money to you dor daawa activities. please give me you account number of paypay id.


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