Muslim reaction to the DAP attack on Islam

Some links that I’ve found all over the blogosphere by Muslim activists condemning the DAP assault on Islam and their sacrilege of the adhaan, the Muslim call to prayer. This list will be updated so if you find any links which should be included but its not, please holler in the comments section below.

Critical Thoughts: DAP is anti-Islam!
Aku Betul: Tan Seng Giaw & Lim Kit Siang, Siapa Lebih Bodoh?
Dewan Pemuda Bukit Katil: Suara Azan: DAP Jangan Keterlaluan

I would encourage all Muslim bloggers to show their outrage by posting about the comments made by the DAP MP for Kepong on your respective blogs and condemn this outrageous sacrilege against Islam and everything that it stands for.

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  1. I seriously shock by Kepong MP complaint. He should be more sensitive when talking about other religion's activity.

    I also, do not really understand why limited number of Muslim blogger realize this matter. They scream at certain no so important issue but when come to defending their own believe they kept their mouth shut and put their brain inside their ^ss.

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