On women artists who shave their hair bald going against Islam

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with some so-called “Muslims” in the body of the Muslim ummah, who are so quick to condemn and criticize those who are learned in their field. Particularly the case of a “Muslim” woman artist who shaved her hair bald in order to act in a film which was criticized by two muftis from two different States. Instead of the artist in question being censured for what she did, these learned muftis become the victims for their criticisms instead. If she really wanted to play that part so badly, she could have just resorted to acting cosmetics. I have seen Hollywood stars wearing a rubbery-like mask over their heads to give the impression that they are bald when the character calls for it.

So why go to the extreme and actually shave your hair bald?

Like the ridiculous remark she once made regarding Bahasa Melayu, this sudden shave-my-hair-bald-and-show-it-off-to-the-press is yet another desperate attempt by this artist to gain publicity. There is no justification for an artist to shave their hair bald to play a role apart from (a) illness, of which that is excusable, or (b) media attention.

Here is a media statement from PAS BTR regarding the issue by the Deputy Youth of The Islamic Party of Malaysia. I also came across this website which gives the ruling on Muslim women shaving their hair bald.

….the ruling on cutting women’s hair. Shaykh Ibn Baaz (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

We do not know anything (to disallow) cutting women’s hair. What is forbidden is shaving it. You should not shave your hair but you may cut it and reduce its length or volume; we know of nothing wrong with that. But that should be done in a proper manner which will please you and your husband. You should come to some agreement with him on a kind of haircut that does not resemble kaafir women, because if you leave it long, it will be a lot of trouble to wash it and comb it. So if the hair is very long or thick, and the woman cuts it to reduce its length or volume, that doesn’t matter. Cutting some of it will make it more beautiful, which will please both the woman and her husband. So we do not know of any reason to disallow that. But shaving it altogether is not permissible, except in the case of sickness. And Allaah is the Source of strength.

Ibn Baaz (R) was the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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  1. In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful.

    As we can see the act of a lady purposely shaving her head (no medical or surgical reason in this case) is strictly prohibited by our prophet, therefore this act must be condemn. However what is the hukum for women who need to undergo neurosurgery

    where the need to shave the hair is done so that surgical procedures could be done on them ?

    [MENJ: Shaving for medical reasons is permissible.]

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