Ittaqullah! Calling to Allah!

Here is a blog by a Muslim for the Muslim ummah, calling them to ittaqullah. Ittaqullah is an Arabic phrase meaning “fear God”. However “fear” here does not accurately translate into the negative connotations that one associates with the English language. The phrase comes from the Arabic word for piety, taqwa. It is composed of the words “Ittaqu” and “Allah”, and is often found in Muslim literature.

My aim is to simply provide posts for the Muslims to benefit from and strengthen their faith in this beautiful deen, insha’allah. Something like Christian Journey, which has impressed me so much that I’ve decided to purchase this domain name and start a new blog. If such a need arises, I would certainly be linking to the other Islamic blogs that I own in order to explain a topic or an issue. These things do arise occasionally so it is best to be prepared.

May Allah grant us success.