Ramadhan is derived from an Arabic word for intense heat and scorched ground;
As heat cleanses that which is unclean, may this month cleanse our heart from any impurity within;
As heat that scours the muck off a surface, may this month bar our speech from vain chatter;
As heat that removes foul odour from the air, may this month remove wicked visions from our eyes;
As the heat that welds two pieces of iron together, may this month connect our hand and legs to beneficial things;
As the heat that eradicates the germs from the environment, may this month remove bad thoughts from our mind and replace it with good faith;

And so we ask our Creator for the heat of this month to purify us and return us to the scorched ground where we stand on the last day. On the day when the heat will raze to the scorched ground all our facade which we build with so much effort, and leave us with only that which is within, blown unto us by The Creator on the day of our creation.

Ramadhan Mubarak to all Muslims, minus the Islam Liberals!

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