Ali Sina and his genocidal tendencies

What do you call a person who on one hand claims to follow the “Golden Rule” (i.e., do unto others as others would do unto you) and yet at the same time calls for a nuclear strike (read: mass genocide) upon billions of human lives (which includes women and children) in countries that have no connection to him whatsoever, except for the fact that they are Muslims and he wants nothing more than to see them being wiped off the planet?

Response to Pope Benedict XVI on his slur of Muhammad (P)

[audio:response_to_pope_benedict_xvi.mp3] This is an old issue but I feel that this audio lecture is still worth putting up as it not only refutes the Pope but also anyone who have the tendency to malign the Prophet (P). For a background of the attack by the Catholic Pope Benedict XVI on the Khatamul Nabiy, Muhammad al-Mustafa, […]

Turks move to ease headscarf ban

The ban on headscarves which has been a feature of secular Turkey ever since its inception has been overturned. Turkey’s parliament has approved a constitutional amendment that would ease the ban on women wearing Islamic headscarves in universities. Headscarves were banned from campuses after pressure from the staunchly secularist military ousted a government seen as […]