SiPM: Not only liberals, but also heretics and kaafir harbi!

Whoever the idiots are behind SiPM, they certainly have taken the cake with their translation of the apostate Wafa Sultan’s diatribe on Al-Jazeera last year with the mocking title of “Kuliyyah Jumaat: : Perperangan antara tamadun adalah salah Umat Islam?” (“Friday Sermon: War between civilisations are the fault of the Muslim Ummah”, which is purposely done to aggravate the feelings of Muslims, I might add). Perhaps they do not yet understand the implications of their actions in supporting a discredited apostate who was trashed live on television, on the very same Al-Jazeera show (see my post about this months ago) by a Muslim scholar. I doubt that that this is the case, since the people behind this nuisance of a blog are known to be anak haram Islam Liberal heretics, the zindiqs of the worst kind humans have ever seen.

The full transcript of the show can be viewed here. In this particular debate, Wafa Sultan mentions that, and I quote the translation from SiPM:

Kita tidak pernah lihat seorang Yahudipun meletupkan dirinya didepan sebuah restoran Jerman. Kita belom lagi lihat seorang Yahudi yang memusnahkankan gereja. Kita belom lagi lihat orang Yahudi yang memprotes dengan membunuh orang.

(Translation: We have not seen a Jew blowing himself up in front of a German restaurant. We have yet to see a Jew destroying a church. We have yet to see a Jew protest by killing people.)

Obviously Wafa Sultan (and in effect, SiPM bloggers as well, since by reproducing this quote, they agree to this statement by the apostate Wafa Sultan) have not heard of the person Baruch Goldstein. Baruch Goldstein was an American-Israeli physician who perpetrated the 1994 Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in the city of Hebron, killing 29 Arab attendants of the Ibrahimi Mosque (within the Cave of the Patriarchs) and wounding another 150 in a shooting attack.

So what was that again about “yet to see a Jew massacring anyone”?

Thus, the claim of Wafa Sultan is invalidated…yet again. I would not even bother dealing with the rest of the diatribe as they are factually incorrect, sometimes to the point of exaggeration.

Anyway, it is clear that the people behind SiPM are not only Liberals…they are also heretics and kaafir harbi as well. These are the type of people which Islam exhorts to take up arms against, hunt down and capture them, and to lock them up in the deepest dungeon and throw away the key.

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