Strengthening our Islamic network

Our goal this year is to improve and maintain our current network of Islamic-inclined websites, as well as adding new products to the niche. We hope to consolidate and interlink these websites with each other, towards the eventual aim of unifying and strengthening our Islamic network into one, unified force to be reckoned with on the Internet.

Towards this end, we are working on some major redevelopment projects. Sites such as and will be reworked upon and updated. Two new domains, (focused on issues related to love, marriage and sex in Islam) and (Islamic stories for children) have been bought and will be developed once other existing Islamic projects have been successfully updated.

We are hoping, insha’allah, that by the end of this year everything will be in place and our Islamic network will definitely make a major impact on counter-polemics and waging our war on Islamophobia which is rampant across the internet. The purpose for all this effort is so that Muslims will use our material / Islamic websites and post our links dealing with various polemics for the anti-Islam forces and their allies to understand that Muslims will not sit down quietly while their religion and way of life is under attack.

Wallahi, watallahi, wabillahi. We hope to succeed with Allah’s will. This is our hope and aim.

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