Toothpaste can contain non-halaal ingredients

Well Auntie Lilian sure aroused my interest this time around.

I am not sure where this paranoia comes from but if something as harmless as toothpaste needs to be certified, it spells big trouble ahead. I mean, come on, what can we possibly stuff inside the toothpaste? Lard? Alcohol? Is the world that evil to do things like these? Or is the mind playing tricks and one develop fear of everything?

With all due respect, if Auntie had done her research properly, she would have come across this article. All I did was to type “non-halal toothpaste” in the Google search engine. Some toothpaste products contain gelatin, which comes from the pig or unslaughtered animals which is not in accordance to Shari’ah.

More than 50 per cent of the total world’s production of gelatin are used in food manufacturing. The world population of gelatin production in 2002 is estimated at 270,000 metric tonnes. Some of the biggest producers are European countries, the US, South America and also Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and China. From this amount, 41 per cent of the gelatin is sourced from pigskin, 28.5 per cent from bovine hides and 29.5 per cent from bovine bones.

So to claim that something as absurd as “Now they found what? Jesus’s image on a tube? What?” is a bit of an alarmist reaction and unrelated to the subject matter, don’t you think?

Sometimes I wonder why is it so problematic for non-Muslims to accept the rules and regulations of halal foods and halal products such as toothpaste, but they have no questions about Jewish traditions of kosher.

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